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What Do You Do

Posted by Puerto Bill 
What Do You Do
December 17, 2014 06:10AM
John what are you up to? Just watching road construction? Checking out beaches to see if they are still there and then back to watch the "...scrape, whoosh" and then maybe another long neck? Just asking what are you doing to keep yourself busy now that you have unlimited time in the town that made you come and stay on the coast of Oaxaca as opposed to say, Austin? Or Phar? Or Tulsa?
Re: What Do You Do
December 17, 2014 11:39AM
Gosh, PB, mi novia has a Loncheria here and it's been needing some serious attention since a storm a year or so ago wrecked the water system. We're slowly getting it back to at least 2nd world standards, and building me a nice offset smoker. I've found a brisket supply, and would love to help her get it into a nice two-day-a-week-until-the-meat-is-sold type of Texas style BBQ takeout, but that's coming along slowly. Beach exploration and a lot of time in the water keep the shoulders unfrozen and busy as well. I find myself doing a bit of baking of special treets; the occasional rack of ribs or other food for which I find myself hankering - you know, a Chicago style pizza or some decent meatballs. We're about to reinstall the comale with the inverted dome, which looks enough like a wok to invite some nice stir-fries; I really regret not bringing a few steel 72's down as all my aluminum 80's have suffered attrition and renting tanks is a sure-fire pain - but I'm back to snorkeling in 10-12 meters of water, which is probably better for me anyway. There's lots of fotos on the facebook page...
But I stay busier than I want to, at any rate. And my "niece" is cammering to go into Pochutla, so...
Re: What Do You Do
February 26, 2015 09:40PM
Sounds great! Which lonceria? (Who's your novia?)
When you've got that Texas BBQ up and running. let me know,
and I'll add it to the little guide book I made for the guests that rent our house.

Re: What Do You Do
February 27, 2015 09:23PM
Tio Chilo. Pati. I will.
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