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¡Viva Puerto¡ magazine issue on Mazunte

Posted by Imago 
¡Viva Puerto¡ magazine issue on Mazunte
October 28, 2012 05:32PM
Hi, I am the publisher of ¡Viva Puerto! [vivapuerto.com] and we plan to do a feature article on Mazunte. ¡Viva Puerto! is a bilingual magazine with a print run of 3,000 copies an issue plus over 30,000 visits to our website.I will be arriving in Mazunte on Saturday morning, Nov 3, with my assistant, and plan to stay until Wednesday. (I've been there before, but mostly on day trips.)

I would appreciate any tips for articles. Also I would like to meet with anyone (English or Spanish speaker) who would like write for the magazine, perhaps as a regular columnist. I pay the going rate for free lance work. I am also looking to hire a professional Spanish -English translator with experience in journalism.

Please contact me at Vivapuerto1@gmail.com

Thanks much,

Barbara Schaffer
Re: ¡Viva Puerto¡ magazine issue on Mazunte
October 30, 2012 10:45AM
Hola Barbara,

Buenas suerte on you new publication. I hope it becomes successful like the San Miguel de Allende bilingual newspaper called, "La Atencion" de Guanajuato, Mexico. I've put ads in La Atencion as a massage therapist. I lived there and have friends who live there, and in Zipolite, Oaxaca. Currently I live in Arizona, U.S.A.. I'm retired and a one of a kind cremation artist. I'm the brother of Gloria Ramirez the owner of Posada Shambhala de Playa Zipolite. It's amazing how much La Costa del Sur has changed. I would like to recommend a friend named Tina Winterlik as a contributing writer. She's on her way with her daughter to Oaxaca City for the Day of the Dead celebration, but plans on returning to Zipolite on the 3rd. of November. Check out her Zipolite Blog Spot for more information . I would be willing to contribute from areas of knowledge I'm familar with and my past Zipolite experience, or give you leads to future articles. Did you know prisoners in the Pochutla prison have a craft cottage industry that Gloria started for them. She has their respect for helping them produce crafts and make some extra money. We also created the New Years Eve Karma Cleaning Ceremony many years ago and it's very popular. I've lived in Zipolite 35 years ago, and was there after the Carlotta hurricane hit. My writing is not perfect, just needs a good editor. Please consider using my good friend Tina as a contributor to your new publication. In atttachment I'm the guy in the hammock at Posada Shambhala.

Best regards,
D.R. Ortega

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Re: ¡Viva Puerto¡ magazine issue on Mazunte
October 31, 2012 06:30PM
Thanks for the info, D.R. Please contact me directly through the magazine. [vivapuerto.com] I'm especially interested in learning more about crafts at the Pochutla jail. By the way, we are not so new, being in our third year, with a print run of 3,000 copies.
Re: ¡Viva Puerto¡ magazine issue on Mazunte
November 01, 2012 10:09PM
I would second the recommendation that you solicit contributions on Zipolite from Tina Winterlink. Few know it and love it more than she. One angle you might approach is the Italian connection. Mazunte has long had an Italian component. Many of the restaurants in the Roca Blanca portion of Zipolite are Italian owned and operated. I've often said that the best Italian food I've ever eaten has been in Zipolite. There's another Italian enclave on the oposite side of Puerto Angel, though it is a residential enclave, not businesses. The legend I've heard regarding the influx of Italians to this part of the coast had to do with parts of the Garibaldi group doing artillery for Vicente Guerrero. When he was betrayed at La Entrega, the Italians scattered and ended up settling in the PA/Mazunte area. I can't vouch for the accuracy, but I do refer to Zipolite/Mazunte as the Pacific Coast of Italy...
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