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Wanted Designer/Architect

Posted by txtraveler 
Wanted Designer/Architect
March 18, 2010 10:45AM
Looking for a person to come to my house, which has the structure built already, and provide some ideas, sketch etc. Bottom line, we would like somebody to come up with a nice design in order to continue building towards that. Be expected to receive payment for this effort. You can go see the house physically (a must actually) and also get some pictures.

Let me know if you are that person that can do it, or you know somebody. Really appreciate it.

Re: Wanted Designer/Architect
March 18, 2010 03:31PM
where is the location of the house?
Re: Wanted Designer/Architect
March 18, 2010 07:23PM
The house is in Puerto Angel. Send me your email or contact info, i am glad to send more info.
Re: Wanted Designer/Architect
March 19, 2010 07:52AM
My email is katekelley@sbcglobal.net
Re: Wanted Designer/Architect
April 29, 2010 09:15PM
Hi, my name is Brett; I'm an architect and designer. My friends, another architect and 2 graphic designers, and myself are all moving to Zipolite in the middle of June. If you still need some help with your house, we would love to be involved. brettrandalljones@gmail.com
Re: Wanted Designer/Architect
May 16, 2010 02:07PM
hello txtraveller and everyone,

my wife and i are designers..we live in dolores hidalgo, gto where we own and operate an ceramics sinks, bath acs and wc's factory

this is my first visit to this board... visited zipolite back in the 70's and loved it. spent several weeks camped in one of the coconut groves.. the road was not finished and we had to hike the last mile or so from the bus...

met people from all over the world....we were all initiated by the strong undertow - scary!

...there was no electric power nor ice anywhere so we learned drink and love warm cervezas..! : -)

what is it like there now? is there a site where i can view current pictures of the area?


rene olguin muñoz

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Re: Wanted Designer/Architect
May 16, 2010 02:38PM


i am writing to you from dolores hidalgo, in the state of guanajuato, mexico's artesan ceramics capital and most notably the cradle of mexico’s independence. this picturesque, tranquil small (population 150,000) artesan industrial city is where miguel hidalgo started the movement against spanish rule on september 16th 1810. lovely place to live. it is a bright, sunny and cool morning here in the central highlands of mexico!

i was born in mexico city but educated in stillwater, minnesota starting first grade and eventually i graduated from the U of M, mpls campus.

we vacationed in mexico every year and as fate would have it on one trip i fell in love with and married a local girl, my lovely cecilia, here in dolores. together we founded mexhapati, employing dozens of artesanos and producing hand made artesan construction materials. we have been exporting them on a small scale worldwide since 1976.

my daughter alma lives in paris, my son carlos lives in houston. our youngest henry allen is 16 lives with us here and is in the 10th grade! alma is cuadri-lingual and henry and carlos are fully bilingual.

having lived, studied, and worked in both the usa and mexico, i feel i have experienced the best of both worlds. i love the people of both countries and i think i may be able to provide you with (free!) advice on driving, visiting, living, working, building, where to find certain commodities, where to eat and sleep, and having fun in mexico in general. i'm 100% bilingual and would be glad to answer any questions any of you may have.

so if you ever travel to the state of guanajuato, dolores hidalgo is located between two great towns: san miguel de allende and guanajuato city, if you are looking for any kind of artesan products we can point you in the right direction sooo..be sure to drop by and we'll have a cerveza and may even give you a tour of our factory. again, we can also suggest the best local points of interest and places to stay or eat at, etc.!

thanks to the board administrators for providing this space.
aka: rene olguin munoz
tel 418 182 2242
fax 418 182 2098
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