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Tourist? Is anybody there now?

Posted by unoboca 
Tourist? Is anybody there now?
February 21, 2012 07:52AM
Do not see anything news or talk on the board does that mean no one is there?
Please update with some information on the tourist population this year.
What is the accommodations situation in Mazunte?
Was there several years ago and could only find a place in a hotel on the beach.
Re: Tourist? Is anybody there now?
February 21, 2012 09:26AM
Yes, there are tourists here however it's been a fairly quiet season. The biggest recent news is the palapa fire yesterday at La Termita. Luckily it was extinguished before neighboring roofs also caught fire. Most of the hotel rooms in Mazunte are still on or near the beach. There are now more places to stay out near Mermejita beach. Mazunte tends to be very noisy at night.
San Agustinillo is still quiet although there is a lot of new construction so probably offers more lodging options than when you were here last. The tourists in SA this time of year tend to be retired snow birds and European and Mexican families. Here in San Agustinillo the negative news coverage in North America and Europe hasn't kept loyal, repeat visitors from returning. SA is still a quiet little town where everything closes by 10:30 just with a few more small hotels and restaurants.
Zipolite is still Zipolite although there are more snow birds there each year.
Re: Tourist? Is anybody there now?
March 26, 2012 08:23AM
Tourist verges on being a dirty word. Tourists let the Rick Perry's of the world scare them out of travel to Mexico. You're looking for "Travelers", not "Tourists." Just spent 3 wks there, two compelled by a broken rib. Take a shower mat. Prices will be jacked up for Semana Santa next week; it'll be dead after that. May and June tend to be the hottest months of the year, so a lot of businesses close down and the owners travel. If you want the coolest digs in town, try for one of the two rooms at Jaegger's Bar. If you need little peace and quiet, there are two rooms available at Cafe Maya, aka the lifeguard headquarters. If peace and quiet are important, go for Hotel Zipolite, on the beach across the alley from La Choza. Feel free to ask questions.

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