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Mobile Broadband?

Posted by seancho 
Mobile Broadband?
January 03, 2012 10:54AM
Anyone still reading this board? It's a bit of a ghost town.

Returning to Zipol for the 1st time in a few years. Wondering if telcel or lusacel wireless internet service works on the beach. Maybe up on the hill, at Shambhala? Anyone hanging at Gloria's this winter? How the place doing?
Re: Mobile Broadband?
January 11, 2012 02:02PM
Telcel works, don't know about others.. My friends bought a usb adapter and sim card (Amigo Kit - internet ) and are using it in mazunte. Zipo has good coverage so it should be fine.

There is an offical telcel store on the street behind the central market in pochutla. They can sell you an AMIGO telel usb/sim card. Any telcel phone sim might work, I think, if you've got the right adapter. Bring your passport to purchase.

Also Electra has the internet kit.

Plans are online google telcel bam. Look for amigo internet plans. At the stores they tell you it cost 500 pesos a month, but that's the 6gb plan. There are cheaper plans down to 300 pesos = 30 days/2gb.

Re: Mobile Broadband?
January 29, 2012 10:13AM
Thanks for the info. I got a Telcel SIM and the service is really good. I look forward to skipping the net cafe once I hit the beach...
Re: Mobile Broadband?
April 07, 2012 08:19PM
I never found a dead spot for my 'droid in Zipolite, San Augustinillo, nor Mazunte. There's plenty of WiFi, but the codes change regularly, so be prepared to buy a cup of coffee or a beer.
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