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Beach Day Trip

Posted by bjkvn 
Beach Day Trip
December 02, 2010 02:32PM
What beach would make a nice day trip from Puerto Escondido? We are a family with two small children. Calm waters and access to washrooms and restaurants would be preferred. Thank you.
Re: Beach Day Trip
December 03, 2010 05:21AM
Oh my. So many choices. San Agustinillo, Puerto Angle, Santa Cruz de Huatulco, La Entrega, El Maguay to name a few.

By boat Playa La India is beautiful but no services.

La Bocana, at the far end of Huatulco is beautiful but the surf can be nasty. Puerto Angle offers a beautiful view with 2 lovely beaches and the services you are looking for.
Re: Beach Day Trip
December 03, 2010 08:09AM
My vote would be San Augustinillo, with a stop at the Mazunte turtle museum for kids. Nice beach with calm surf for the kids, the parents can sit at one of the restaurants a few steps away
Re: Beach Day Trip
December 03, 2010 08:32AM
Thank you. How long of a drive would it be to San Augustinillo and Puerto Angel from Puerto Escondido? We would be travelling by taxi or collectivo.
Re: Beach Day Trip
December 04, 2010 05:34AM
Probably about 1/2 to 40 minutes an hour or so. The highway from PE tp Puerto Angel is pretty flat. The long part of the driive in terms of time is from Puerto Angel to La Crucecita. There is a crocodile preserve just as you enter either Maxunte or San Agustinillo. About 40 p each. You probably do both the croc and turtles and still have lots of beach time. Another option would be to stay at a beach cabin for a nite. Wonderful experience. From 300 p to about 700 p per room per nite. We did 4 nites at Un Sueno this past January. The room was 600p per nite.
Re: Beach Day Trip
December 04, 2010 06:05PM
do yourself a favor and take a collectivo in from the highway and get off at the turtle reserve if you wish. the kids will probaly love the experiance if they have not already. I find the taxi drivers in mazunte to be rip off artists. enjoy.
Re: Beach Day Trip
December 06, 2010 08:05AM
Thank you for your replies.
Restaurant recommendations for San Augustinillo? How far is the turtle reserve from the beach in San Augustinillo?
Re: Beach Day Trip
December 11, 2010 01:06PM
Its about a five minute collectivo ride .
Re: Beach Day Trip
February 18, 2011 12:23PM
"Restaurant recommendations for San Augustinillo?"

La Termita. Some of the better pizza and really nice ambience.
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