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American citizen killed in Mazunte
March 30, 2017 09:47AM

I hate sharing this but it's important for people to be aware that crime happens everywhere, even "Pueblos Mágicos".
Re: American citizen killed in Mazunte
March 30, 2017 02:29PM
This is so sad. The victim, John Basehart, appears to have done some great good for a lot of people of the region, and other areas of the developing world. I found the following video on his website:

According to one news article, neighbors say he was attacked at an ATM. He was shot in the back. His companion, a female cousin according to one account, was wounded in the hand with a machete or knife.
Re: American citizen killed in Mazunte
March 31, 2017 04:58PM
Not sure of the real facts of this very unfortunate and extremely sad incident but I read an article that said John was shot when he went to the aid of the female when she couldn't remove a ring from her finger and the robber, now murderer, either used or threatened to use a machete to get the ring off her finger.

For what it's worth, the municipality of Mazunte has had several meetings and are supposedly now organizing a civil patrol force along with requesting additional police help in patrolling their town.

Even though I never had the pleasure of meeting John G. Basehart I'm deeply affected by the senseless killing of this wonderful man. To know more about John you can check out his Facebook page at: [www.facebook.com] or his personal fb page: [www.facebook.com]

RIP John.
Re: American citizen killed in Mazunte
April 01, 2017 02:05PM
The female victim was hospitalized with injuries to her hand requiring surgery.
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