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places to stay in Roca Blanca area

Posted by showmethefacts 
places to stay in Roca Blanca area
January 20, 2015 07:05PM
Where should I stay in Zipoite? My wife's coming and doesn't like the low end with shared bathrooms (which never bothered me). I like being more toward Roca Blanca because I that's where I like the food... There are new names that I don't recognize. Any reports of Pura Vida? Thanks!
Re: places to stay in Roca Blanca area
January 20, 2015 07:48PM
I meant Posada Buena Vida
Re: places to stay in Roca Blanca area
January 22, 2015 07:29PM
My mom, 78, loves staying at Hotel San Cristobal in Roca Blanca when she visits. It's ideal for her: Beachside of room opens to a tiny patio looking over hotel/ restaurant area of beach with hammacks and palms and you can watch the scene from your patio or bed even. Entry side opens to a quiet parking lot that is right off the main restaurant and entertainment zone. Perfect. Felipe, the owner and his family/crew are a very considerate team and has prospered over the years by being consistant. They have been there since the start of Zipo and have the older section from before, the funkier side, then about 10 years ago he built the new section facing the beach, which is more upscale. That's the one you want. Over Christmas he was charging 1000 per day for those prime rooms, by now it might be less. Last year we paid 600 per night for my dad in February. They both come back year after year and being older and needing some comfort, it's the only place I know of that works to be looking out on the beach and have a "normal" feeling room - not funky. Nice private bath flush toilets, good ceiling fan, good beds, clean.

A few years back Felipe's family became fundamental Christians and the only negative I can say about it is now they don't serve alchohol anymore. Probably keeps the rifraf out, though, and beer can be found within a few yards of there.

The hotel restaurant is consistant quality, not raving good but perfect for breakfast/lunch right there on the beach. Posada Mexico can be very good at times.

I'm giving them a rave review because they've treated my parents (and us) so well year after year. Good people.

go longhorns-
Re: places to stay in Roca Blanca area
January 27, 2015 09:25PM
Even La Choza has rooms with private baths available. And if you find a hotel you like, don't balk at a seatless toilet; you can buy a seat at the local hardware store for 100 pesos or less.
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