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Public Transit

Posted by johnzap 
Public Transit
December 03, 2014 05:17PM
With the main road closed for the last long block before the muelle in Puerto Angel, those using public transportation might get a tad confused. For those here for only a short time, taxis will seem cheap when you arrive from the dollar economy. It's only later in your stay, when you start trying to figure out how to get in another month or so in Paradise, that you'll start scrimping on things to stay in the peso economy just a little bit longer. First, there are the Collectivo taxis. These cram four or five passengers into a Nissan Tsuru (or other sub-compact taxi) for a ride on a set route for a reduced fare. If you are going from Pochutla to Zipolite-San Augustinillo-Mazunte-La Ventanilla, you will be forced to change Collectivos in Puerto Angel. When it comes to Camionetas, some do only Pochutla-Puerto Angel; others do only Puerto Angel to Zipolite-San Augustinillo-Mazunte-etc; and some do the whole string. Destinations are usually posted on the front of the truck. These are normally 4 door Nissan Frontiers with wooden benches and a canvas cover over the bed. Those making only a portion of your journey will require a change in Puerto Angel.
The last couple of days, they've pulled an old "Transportes Urbanos" mini-bus out of mothballs, and from the route info painted on the front, it seems to go EVERYwhere - Pochutla to La Vigia, on the road to Playa La Tijera, through Puerto Angel, and on through the little beach Paradises from Zipolite onward. Old, slow, rickety - but probably more comfortable than a wooden bench in the back of a pick-up...
Advice? 1) Take the first thing headed your way. 2) If you have to transfer in Puerto Angel, slide into Tio Chilo's. Patty will sell you a beer cheap, and you can decide if you're hungry.
Re: Public Transit
December 09, 2014 04:14PM
Thanks for the update. Lots of road work in this area these past few years. I am wanting to see the finished roads in Zipolite.

Its still possibe to drive to Zipo via Puerto Angel right?
The main route is just detoured?

Re: Public Transit
December 09, 2014 10:45PM
yeah, at the point where the road is blocked, you will have to turn right. The first left would bring you back to the beach at the Hotel Soraya entrance. HOWEVER, there is tope construction blocking half that road most of the way down the hill. The 2nd left, by the old Sedemar BX/supermarket, takes you back to the main road, just past the mercado and at the entrance to the (mostly closed) naval base. If you don't know, there's a nice carniceria at the mercado. Shortly after you rejoin the main road, you'll pass the Super 7 Regiones, not a bad place to stock the ice chest on the way out of town.
Re: Public Transit
December 14, 2014 09:09PM
The main road remains unpaved, but has reopened. For now.
Re: Public Transit
January 22, 2015 07:38PM
Closed again, after the holiday rush.
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