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getting around Oaxaca

Posted by alan vlautin 
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getting around Oaxaca
February 15, 2010 07:20PM
A very kind soul has created a seven page guide that gives you detailed information on bus routes within Oaxaca City and bus and collectivo taxi terminal points to the outlying pueblos and sites. You will quickly recoup its 40 peso cost with the savings you have by using public transportation rather than taxis. The guides are available at the previously mentioned Amate Books or on line at Ridgecliff@hotmail.com. Just this morning as I was walking back to our rental with coffee, I was asked if I spoke English and then asked for directions to Artega and the Mina streets. Deducing the one questioning me was seeking the bus to Mt. Alban, I attempted to explain how easy this several block journey was by bus. This attempt was quickly dismissed with a "I can´t deal with buses" and off they went walking through a red light, hurrying, maybe remembering the directions I gave. Don´t Be That Person!! Even without minimal Spanish, the driver and your fellow passengers will steer you in the right direction and you will see and be with the country you are visiting right up front!.
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