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not much action here

Posted by geriande 
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not much action here
December 05, 2009 08:40AM
Did you all know that a new hostel opened in Oaxaca, near Llano Park, by owner of the popular Mayflower hostel in Puerto Escondido. No doubt this will be the cleanest hostel in the city and the biggest bang for your buck.
Re: not much action here
December 05, 2009 11:10AM
Is there a contact email address/web site? What are the rates? Thanks for the post. We satyed at a hostel/hotel on Hildago for the past 2 year's visits. Place was clean and real inexpensive. This year we are trying a B&B.
Re: not much action here
December 07, 2009 05:43PM
Greetings all,
As a fan of Tomzap, and a lover of Oaxaca, I have always wondered if there is another bulletin board/website that Oaxaca City fans use. If anyone out there knows where there is more cyber action, please let me know.
Re: not much action here
December 08, 2009 06:45AM
Oaxaca has been a quiet site on TZ and TA. Not sure of any other forums. There are anumber of past posts on TA. Alvin Starkman, owner of a B&B in Oaxaca, puts out a lot of great info. There is a separate link on TZ for past posts as well. Would be nice to see a bit more chatter here but i guess many folks do the hop from HUX or PE fro a few days. The San Cristobal de las Casas forum is the same. Great place to visit as i understand but very little chatter. We are going to both San C and Oax in a month or so.
Re: not much action here
December 26, 2009 12:00PM
There's quite a bit posted on Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Mexico thread. You can make reservations for the new hostel in Oaxaca through the Hotel Mayflower in Puerto Escondido. Google it.

I don't know what TA forum is. Assume TZ is Tomzap.
Re: not much action here
December 27, 2009 08:00AM
Sorry, TA is the Trip Advisor forum. tripadvisor.com Enter "Forums" and just do a search on the destination you want.
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