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Mexico Today Kicks Off in Oaxaca

Posted by Alvin Starkman 
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Mexico Today Kicks Off in Oaxaca
June 23, 2011 05:28PM
International advertising agency Ogilvy has been retained by the Mexico Tourism Board to address the matter of faltering tourism in Mexico, with a view to stimulating the economy through promoting both tourism and investment. It has developed a project known as Mexico Today, a program for Marca País - Imagen de México. Mexico Today, through Ogilvy, has retained 24 writers to blog diverse topics concerning Mexico throughout the rest of the year, in a factual, honest and verifiable manner. The kick-off of Mexico Today takes place in Oaxaca the weekend of June 24, 2011, with Ogilvy reps, Mexico Tourism Board officials and the 24 writers converging on the city for a series of training sessions and excursions throughout Oaxaca's central valleys. I'm proud to have been selected as one of the paid writers.

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