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Shipping Art to the U.S.?

Posted by michaelp 
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Shipping Art to the U.S.?
January 21, 2011 04:14PM
I'm looking into how to get some of our folk art (a few Aguilars, lacquer gourds and medium sized box, a couple larger ceramics from Tonola) and a couple large paintings back to the New York. The last time we tried with ceramics was about 5 or 6 years ago. The ceramics we shipped were broken when customs opened the boxes. A large bowl in a checked bag was broken by the U.S. airport security forces enroute when they opened and then re-closed the suitcase the wrong way. I wondered in you had any advice about this. We're in Puerto Escondido but could drive to Oaxaca City to ship if advisable.

Thank you.

Re: Shipping Art to the U.S.?
February 23, 2011 07:45AM
It may be too late for this trip since you may have already left the country, but Mailboxes Etc., here in Oaxaca, does as good a job as any company, probably the best. While when they first opened in Oaxaca a few years ago there were some growing pains, all seems fine right now, and the American franchisee assures me that if the insurance claim is not paid promptly in the event of breakage, he'll step in and help out, personally. I took him up on the offer about a year ago, on behalf of a client, and payment was prompt, of course not that anyone wants things to go that way. Mailboxes uses the foam blowing machine, which affords the best protection, and probably reduces the likelihood of customs tampering. Insurance costs are nominal and worth it. But just make sure you insure for the actual amount you paid. Be consistent in your declarations. And be careful when unpacking so as to make sure that YOU don't cause the damage when pulling the foam away from the particular craft.

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