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Call for information on medical specialties in Oaxaca

Posted by tomzap 
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Call for information on medical specialties in Oaxaca
December 13, 2009 10:57AM
I would be interested in people's knowledge of specialists in Oaxaca City. Does anybody have information about what are good clinics/doctors and their specialties. Like cancer, orthopedics, back specialists, eye doctors, dermatologists and other specialties and their clinics and hospitals? Where to get an MRI, laser eye surgery, heart surgery, etc.

I have a few already listed here: [www.tomzap.com]

Tom Penick "tomzap"

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Re: Call for information on medical specialties in Oaxaca
December 14, 2009 07:24AM
Here's the best I have right now:


Private hospitals:
1) Clínica Hospital Carmen, Abasolo 215, Centro (951) 516-2612 or 0027.
2) Hospital Reforma, Reforma 613, Centro (951) 516-0989 or 6090
3) Clínica Hospital Molina, Garcia Vigil 317, Centro (951) 514-0401

Public hospitals:
1) Hospital General, Calz. Porfirio Díaz 400, Col. Reforma, (951) 515-3200 or 1300
2) Cruz Roja, Armenta y Lopez 700, Centro, (951) 514-8965; 516-4809
3) IMSS (can’t find no. or address in phone book, but exists, obviously)
4) ISSSTE, Gerardo Varela 617, Lomas del Crestón, (951) 515-3067 or 2202

Gastroenterologist: Luciano Tenorio, Abasolo 213, Centro, (951) 501-0477
Optomologist: Gabriela Rendón, Garcia Vigil 305, Centro, (951) 516-3840
Family Doctor & Paediatrics: Enrique Robert Garcia, Priv. Monte Albán 12, Col. Reforma, (951) 515-3459
Gynecologist: Victor Tenorio, Abasolo 215, Centro, (951) 514-2889
Ear, nose & throat: Rodrigo Castro, Crespo 810, Centro (951) 514-0431; 513-6664
Severe illness specialist (forget title), JuanCarlos D’Avila, (recently moved) (951) 516-4468 (call for address if you like)
Dermatologist: Rosa Martha Chavez Figueroa (951) 503-0123
Plasitc Surgeon: César Mayoral Figueroa (951) 515-2563 (wife is the dermatologist)

1) General: Daniel Tenorio, Reforma 400, Centro (951) 516-2613 or 0834
2) Periodontist: Alba Tenorio (as above)
3) Endodontist: his name is someone Flores I think, and Dr. Tenorio should be able to give you particulars if you like.
Re: Call for information on medical specialties in Oaxaca
January 01, 2010 08:45AM
The best place for visitors to start is probably one of the hospitals, which also have doctor offices within them or nearby. Alvin has listed the three main private ones. I like Hospital Molina and have also received successful surgergy at Hospital Carmen. I don't think they do heart surgery here in Oaxaca. I "think" patients are sent to Puebla or Mexico City. There are lots of excellent doctors in Oaxaca City, but I personally am reluctant to mention specific ones. The most "popular" with visitors, of course, are those that speak English, but they aren't necessarily the best doctors.
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