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Travelling from DF to Oaxaca mid Oct.

Posted by Senor Royers 
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Travelling from DF to Oaxaca mid Oct.
October 02, 2013 12:54AM
I am researching modes of transport from DF to Oaxaca in mid Oct.

Interjet offers daily flight service but the flight time is very early at 0645, so seeking alternatives.
I see Aeromexico offers service but it very expensive compared to Interjet. I gather there are
no other domestic airlines offering service?

So looks like our best option is bussing it with ADO from the DF terminal at Tapo?
I gather the travel time is about 6-7 hrs duration with hourly service? Cost is only about Usd40 thereabouts?
Can we expect to obtain tickets on the day of travel after we arrive at Tapo....or shud be purchase
beforehand? I have reservations in Oaxaca for pm/Oct.19th.

Would appreciate your comments on the bus trip....is it direct with no stops? Interesting scenery?
Good highway?.....or demanding topography?

Also, after we spend 2 wks in Oaxaca, then we head for Puerto Escondido for 4 months. Is it worth the bus trip
or shud we try Aerotucan?....is this the only flight service to from Oaxaca to Puerto?

Re: Travelling from DF to Oaxaca mid Oct.
October 02, 2013 06:20PM
SeƱor Royers I gave you my two pesos over on the PE forum. Have a good trip,
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