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Children's Library Established -- San Felipe Lachillo
May 05, 2010 02:18PM
Great progress is being made in the village of San Felipe Lachillo, about 3 1/2 hrs. northeast of Huatulco in southern Oaxaca. Not long ago a caravan of two jeeps headed up the mountains to deliver raw boards and posts to be made into bookshelves by a local carpenter for the new library.

Upon our arrival, we had help from the villagers in unloading the building material that was latched to one of the jeeps.

Later, the Joe Wilkes, agent of the expats Oaxaca Lending Library in Oaxaca City, showed the villages leaders samples of the quality new books that would soon be placed in the library for the 400+ children of the village of San Felipe.

Note the young lady in the red blouse in the above photo. She is from Mexico City and lives in San Felipe Lachillo and is well educated. She will be teaching local people to operate the library properly, according to their local guidelines. I should mention that the library is owned and operated locally by the community.

The last photo is of the inside of the library before it is sealed, painted, and divided by a center wall. Once the bookshelves are installed, the books will be delivered, probably in the middle of May.

If YOU would like to "retrace our steps" in establishing the library, you can watch the whole journey by going to YOUTUBE at --


More about this project will be posted in a couple of weeks, after the books have been delivered. Additional books will also be installed in the library or the next three years because of continued support from library supporters in Oaxaca City.

While this post is about the new children's library that has been established in the community, a dental clinic, a sewing "school," agricultural training, and manufacturing of "tourist crafts" has also be initiated in the community in recent months.

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Re: Children's Library Established -- San Felipe Lachillo
May 06, 2010 11:54AM
Did you'll go thru Pluma Hidalgo? I know the area but Ive never been that far in. Its amazing how many gringos dont realize work like that is still needed. So many cant fathom that they dont need to bring books to a village where theres no place to keep them. Looks like a job well done. That is getting the horse before the cart. Congrats!
Re: Children's Library Established -- San Felipe Lachillo
May 07, 2010 02:04PM
L.T. and Those Listening In,

Thank you for your interest in children and books. I have been to Pluma Hidalgo via Santa Marie Huatulco several times, which is always a nice time. But San Felipe Lachillo is in a different location. One heads west out of the Huatulco area and turns right on the road before the airport and heads towards San Miguel Del Puerto. When you reach San Miguel Del Puerto, you are about halfway there and must head straight up the mountains. But, you get to make a "pit stop" at a trout farming spot with compost toilets with waterfall next to it. Here is a map that shows you how to get to San Miguel, but it doesn't show San Felipe Lachillo.

I mentioned that other work is also being done in the village. Here is the website of the Mexican/American website of the foundation that is also involved in helping the village with self-sustaining activities and dental services.
My wife is a dental health professional and we hope she can work in the new clinic at San Felipe Lachillo next winter. Here are a couple of photos of their new clinic which was very recently opened.

How to help -- [www.bacaandafoundation.org]

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Re: Children's Library Established -- San Felipe Lachillo
May 07, 2010 03:12PM
While I don't have a map that shows it, the nearby municipal seat of San Felipe Lachillo is -- Santiago Xanica. The "Bacaanda Foundation" has been invited to establish a second dental clinic in Santiago Xanica so that adults from the surrounding area can receive dental services like the children in the village of San Felipe Lachillo. Some maps may show Santiago Xanica, but probably not San Felipe Lachillo. The Bacaanda Foundation is requesting donations to help set up the second clinic. I believe they already have much of the actual equipment in Huatulco, but I am sure additional funds would be helpful to get it "up and running." See their website at --


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