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For U.S. Citizens - 2012 Election Cycle Begins Now

Posted by Enviado por Palomas 
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Re: For U.S. Citizens - 2012 Election Cycle Begins Now
February 26, 2012 01:43PM
>> President Obama once said..... <<

AND..... (once AGAIN)...... your current U.S. President ALSO "once said" that the U.S. would be OUT of Iraq (and other Global Military Dalliances!) "within 6 months"...... ("if" / after HE were elected)!

In fact (as stated earlier) your current President essentially ran on (for ALL intent and purposes) UNarguably a 1972 'style' McGovern-esque "Peace Ticket" (thankfully)!!!!!!!

Hence, WE...... (in the International Community)....... ARE Still Waiting...... (3 1/2 YEARS later)!

Though, for The Life of me (neighbor) and with ALL due respect, I am forever amused at just how MANY expat Yanks are still soooooo incredibly embroiled in the operative politics of a country that they themselves once willfully decided to overtly “exodus”…… (arguably “safely” to ol México)!

ISR, one can only further ASSume that such (demonstrably PROlific) proclivity is resultant of the fact that ‘perhaps’ many of those Yanks have NOT severed dat ol ‘umbilical cord’ 100% as of yet……. Thus, STILL connected vis-à-vis (tax exposed) U.S. based investments…… OR…… still (feverishly) in line for demo ol (requisite) SS CHECKS (or BOTH!)!

And while THOSEissues” are (admittedly / patently) FAR from suggested “minutia”, I guess that “it” must certainly BE a Hard Road To Hoe when you are BOTH a (50% of The American People) tax PAYER…. and yet ALSO a (50% of The American People) tax ‘CONSUMER’……..!

ISR, Vaya CON Dios…… (y con suertes)…… SIEMPRE (neighbor)!

Re: For U.S. Citizens - 2012 Election Cycle Begins Now
February 26, 2012 03:31PM
A U.S. citizen pays taxes to the U.S. no matter where in the world he/she lives. You can deduct foreign taxes paid, and you might not owe the U.S. money, but you are supposed to file a return(unless you meet certain criteria). So, yes, we Americans do have an umbilical cord of sorts.

PB, your fun fact of the day might be true, but it overlooks the fact that far more private sector jobs were destroyed during Obama's term than during Bush's. The unemployment rate is still above 8%, higher than when Obama took office. Obama wants to lower the corporate tax rate. He has already kept the Bush tax cuts. He says he wants to tax millionaires higher, but hasn't done it. No Wall street types have been prosecuted. He has been slow to get out of Iraq, etc. I would venture to say that if Obama said he was a Republican, and Romney was a Democrat, you would skewer the former and praise the latter.
Re: For U.S. Citizens - 2012 Election Cycle Begins Now
February 26, 2012 03:48PM
Well put demar. Watchout here come the liberal graphics by the truckload! LOL! OMG!
Re: For U.S. Citizens - 2012 Election Cycle Begins Now
February 26, 2012 06:15PM
Delmar I would have to see a link or something to back that up but is there any doubt that at least the first six months of job loss in 2009 is because of the 2008 economic collapse that was not Obama's fault? Unemployment did shoot higher under Obama but I think any economist would say that it was and is because of the 2008 economic collapse as well and turning an economy around takes much longer than 3 years. Look at the 1930s which is the closest caparison that I know of. Obama gets in trouble because he or his people said that unemployment would not go above 8% (actually I thought it was 8.3% but it is always said as 8%. So ok 8%.) if the stimulus was passed. It was too bad. It did happen. In fact it went up to10%. Or was 10.1%? There are valid excuses but I understand that the right don't want to acknowledge it. I am sure the left would do the same thing but the truth is that the Obama administration did not have the true figures of how bad the economy really was when they foolishly made that claim. During the last quarter of 2008 the GDP fell by an astonishingly 6.2%. I don't think anybody knew in January 2009 that it was that bad but regardless Obama and his people should not have said what they said. Frankly is it was stupid. If you want to blame Obama for the high unemployment go ahead but it would be wrong to do. I firmly believe it would be higher under McCain but we can never know for sure.

As far as the Bush tax cuts are concerned and Obama and the Democrats not letting them expire there is a clear reason for that. Obama and the Democrats had to extend them because of a negotiation. Politics. At the end of 2010, after the election that brought all the Republicans into the congress and when the Bush tax cuts were set to expire, Obama and the Democrats wanted to do a Social Security tax (Social Security pay check tax) holiday for a year so people would have a little more money to help the economy. The same tax that was just extended again last week. Also the Democrats and Obama wanted to extend unemployment benefits for long term unemployed. The only way the Republicans let that happen was if the Bush tax cuts were extended and Obama and the Democrats bargained for a two year extension. They are set to expire at the end of this year. Obama said he will not sign an extension. We will see. Liberals were furious about the extension but it was the only way to get the tax holiday and the unemployment benefit extension. If Obama and the Democrats extend the Bush tax cuts the shit will hit the fan.

Wall Street criminals have not been prosecuted. Shame. Shame. Shame!!! Obama got out of Iraq when he said he would get out of Iraq. It was the same timetable that Bush had and the Right Wing are still giving Obama a hard time. I sure wish he would get the hell out of Afghanistan. I guess I should have voted for McCain.

Your hypothetical would never happen. I have my problems with Obama make no mistake. He is way to the right of center. I also understand why a lot of these things happen that I am not happy about. I don't understand about the DOJ ambivalence about Wall Street though. Speaking of Wall Street, have you noticed how the stock market is doing?
Re: For U.S. Citizens - 2012 Election Cycle Begins Now
February 26, 2012 06:35PM
Now he "believes" unemployment would have been higher under McCain! Note the US Misery Index was at 8.11 during the Bush Administration but a solid 10.75 while Obama has been in office. Thats not to mention the surety of those last numbers climbing should he (God save the Republic) be reelected. Just more statistics to confuse the already confused a bit more! LOL!
Re: For U.S. Citizens - 2012 Election Cycle Begins Now
February 28, 2012 04:26PM
To further confirm the onslaught of people demanding the defeat of B Hussein Obama this fall. He did sign into law the bill that allowed the Marine Brandon Morgan to make the news. That has to be beyond any shadow of doubt the most disgusting and shameful thing Ive ever seen! Yucko! Yes without doubt OMG!
Re: For U.S. Citizens - 2012 Election Cycle Begins Now
February 28, 2012 09:21PM
deleted by klasp

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Re: For U.S. Citizens - 2012 Election Cycle Begins Now
March 23, 2012 06:56AM
Like all Republicans and Conservatives your argument against the President is "he must go," totally ignoring his significant accomplishments in the face of Republican lock-step opposition, whose commitment to America goes no further than Obama must be a one term President.

Forget that GM is alive and Osam bin Laden is dead. Forget that finally America is on the way to helping all Americans stay alive, in spite of the Republican fantasy that the private sector will provide health care. Forget that Americans are finally leaving the killing fields of Iraq (how dd we get there BTW?). Ignore that the total financial collapse that many expected in 2009-10 was avoided. Don't admit that employment is finally, slowly, recovering from the carnage of the Bush years' war on society - unfunded wars, tax breaks for those who don't need them, and general fiscal irresponsibility - who said "deficits don't matter." Hint: he is in hiding as Dick Cheney.
Re: For U.S. Citizens - 2012 Election Cycle Begins Now
March 23, 2012 09:40AM
Acouple clarifications. The financial crisis was only postponed by borrowing MORE money. And I think Samuel Jackson had it right about ol Bennie Laden. CIC shoulda put that sob on ice and broke him out in November! Hahaha The above post is comical. ROTFLMFAOA! LOL!
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