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Madoff Musk
July 08, 2022 09:44PM
Musk up to his usual β€œ ethical & moral β€œ tricks

Cancels contract to buy Twitter at $52 ( by memory ) a share

Now at $38

A few smart investors immediately shorted Twitter after the β€œ musk offer β€œ as they know he is full of crap = BIG PROFIT

NO DOUBT immoral musk has also made many more billions via his most recent CON / SCAM

Bernie Madoof had no idea compared to this immoral prick !!!!
Re: Madoff Musk
July 09, 2022 05:39AM
them w/ the money make the rules
Re: Madoff Musk
July 17, 2022 12:00PM
And this has what to do with Puerto?
Re: Madoff Musk
July 17, 2022 07:17PM

It relates to people in Puerto who opted to pay for internet from an immoral ponzi / Maddof

Therefore enabling his ponzu scheme and hurting mum & dad investors !!!

Self benefit regardless of morals or ethics
Re: Madoff Musk
September 10, 2022 08:10PM
Im sure your opinion is taken into consideration hahaha.
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