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Finishing carpenter

Posted by Comalian 
Finishing carpenter
January 14, 2021 08:23AM
Looking for a carpenter who works with high end not rustico wood. Villa de Alvarez area.
carpintero de acabado fino ?
Re: Finishing carpenter
January 15, 2021 07:19AM
You might try this guy:
Carlos Magana 312 100 3802
Re: Finishing carpenter
January 16, 2021 06:00AM
Much appreciated IAMX, thanks
Re: Finishing carpenter
January 20, 2021 07:53AM
I should have added that Carlos and his father are excellent craftsmen. We had them replace five interior doors and frames that had been eaten by termites. They came by and took measurements and then came back a couple of weeks later with a pile of boards etc. Everything was precut and then they assembled and stained them. Everything fit perfectly. The frames and door edging was made of termite proof wood. The cost was less than the cheapest pre-hung doors in the US. They can also build furniture. Also, Carlos speaks English pretty well.
Re: Finishing carpenter
June 01, 2021 02:22PM
Thanks IAMX, Carlos is a fabulous finishing carpenter. I gave him some daunting tasks and he couldn’t have done them better. His work ethic is sensational, can you believe he rode his bicycle from Colima to Comala and back. I can easily vouch for his work and I am greatful to you for providing his information.
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