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Restaurante Brasil
January 09, 2011 10:04AM
Some time a go I found this restaurante Brasil in the zona romantica, apparently there was/is also a second location in Nuevo Vallarta.

I found it a very unique dining experience. As I call it, a buffet in reverse where you stay at the table and the various food items come delivered to the table.

Does anyone know if it is still in operation? It was suggested to me recently that it might be closed.
Re: Restaurante Brasil
January 13, 2011 05:08PM
It is in the Marina area on the boardwalk. Same boardwalk as the Flamingo Vallarta Hotel and Marina, just down from the lighthouse.

Hope this helps
Re: Restaurante Brasil
January 14, 2011 10:09AM
Thanks for the reply ricoh. Am I to understand then that the old town location is no more?
Re: Restaurante Brasil
January 14, 2011 02:06PM
They may have moved, the same folks that own the marina one run the one in oldtown as well

Re: Restaurante Brasil
January 14, 2011 05:50PM
Thank you again!
Re: Restaurante Brasil
January 26, 2011 04:57PM
It's still there down the street from the old Sr. Frog's. I friend at there the other day and they raved about it
Re: Restaurante Brasil
October 31, 2011 06:59AM
Both are still open and food is the same kind of wonderful. There is also another one in Nuevo in the Paradise Village plaza.
The one at the marina location on the boardwalk is by far the nices location however...........it has a head waiter that will try VERY FOREFULLY over your meal to "sell you a CONDO!!" Makes for a rather tense dining experience!!
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