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La Manzanilla - Tenacatita - Boca de Iguanas

Forum for La Manzanilla, Tenacatita, and Boca de Iguanas, including Tecuán and Careyes 
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Road to Boca Attachments

by sparks
1,495301/24/2016 03:18PM
Last Post by taradactal

For Sale: 1972 Chev Malibu- $1000 CDN or 12,500 pesos

by pamela
1,164301/24/2016 03:12PM
Last Post by taradactal

Honest Reliable House-Sitter Available

by motown
996101/21/2016 09:32PM
Last Post by motown

Beach Party Boca

by Contessa
1,152301/19/2016 05:30PM
Last Post by oinkerir


by gondwana
1,059401/12/2016 07:22AM
Last Post by gondwana

Birding Alert!

by Comala Host
986112/27/2015 07:18AM
Last Post by Comala Host

Seeking ride La Manz to San Miguel de Allende approx: 1/6/16 Attachments

by JoanElena
882312/23/2015 06:16PM
Last Post by JoanElena

Bookstore in La Manzanilla

by magbag
1,001312/23/2015 12:15PM
Last Post by magbag

1st Comala Volcano Festival 2015

by Comala Host
995112/15/2015 06:00PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Tenacatita visit Sunday

by ronycoca
1,255212/15/2015 09:02AM
Last Post by northernlights

Wanted: sailing dinghy

by neuromancer
1,012512/05/2015 09:59AM
Last Post by neuromancer

Entertainment in Melaque

by Telsz4
1,122312/04/2015 07:27PM
Last Post by Telsz4

Tai Chi/Qigong Classes in Melaque

by Didi
1,156312/02/2015 07:54AM
Last Post by Jack Brock


by Samskunk
1,100212/01/2015 06:48AM
Last Post by sparks

Japanese Restaurant in Melaque Attachments

by Carilliam
1,321811/24/2015 04:04AM
Last Post by carolandpuppy


by manzanillo2011
1,302311/23/2015 05:35PM
Last Post by sparks


by ifas
977111/04/2015 08:31AM
Last Post by ifas

How Bad Did El Rebalcito Get Hit?

1,342611/02/2015 05:10PM
Last Post by WANDERER

Highway to PV

by Deano Hamiltini
1,356510/29/2015 01:30PM
Last Post by WANDERER


by unoboca
2,319510/27/2015 02:19PM
Last Post by ScottM

Access to Tenacatita?

by quemazon
4,0852610/26/2015 12:24PM
Last Post by WANDERER


by timoteo
1,453410/25/2015 06:19PM
Last Post by Deano Hamiltini

Relatively quiet recommendation for Carnaval?

by kismet
916110/04/2015 06:24PM
Last Post by kismet

Airport Transportation

by lhohn
1,142309/11/2015 12:36PM
Last Post by Mike B.


by ricoh
1,344408/10/2015 10:55AM
Last Post by sparks


by janerowlett
1,361303/27/2015 07:14PM
Last Post by ifas

Night Colima Volcano Lava sightseeing tour

by Comala Host
993103/20/2015 05:12PM
Last Post by Comala Host

How's the water since the storms?

by kara
1,123103/19/2015 10:45AM
Last Post by kara

someone sells bocce balls???

by RP
1,167203/11/2015 04:27PM
Last Post by Flyfisher

Moonlight volcano slope trekking

by Comala Host
948103/03/2015 11:13PM
Last Post by Comala Host

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