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Gringo Days Rodeo Event

La Fiesta de Toros, La Manzanilla, Jalisco

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Gringo Day is the first day of Manzanillo's 4-day rodeo event, La Fiesta de Toros. The foreign community sponsors this day of the rodeo events to show their appreciation of their Mexican neighbors. La Fiesta de Toros normally takes place on the first weekend in February. Photos of the February 3, 2006 event, the 25th annual Gringo Day are courtesy of Sparks.

The event begins with the band marching up the hill to the bandstand.

The band plays at the bandstand.

The band, the spectators, the arena.

Tall palms cast shadows over the La Manzanilla rodeo arena with chute at center.

A wider view of the La Manzanilla rodeo arena.

The bullriders greet the crowd and pray before the event begins.

Bullrider and bull prepare to make their entrance.

A bullrider exits the chute.

This bull knows what to do.

Bullrider in action.

Young spectators watch the show.

A rider stands by.

After the ride, the bull is lassoed and led away.

And there was dancing.

And fun stuff for the kids.

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