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St. Patrick's Day
Día de San Patricio

and the Fiesta del Torros - March 10 - 17

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The town which I refer to as Melaque, is actually three towns seamlessly joined together: Melaque, Villa Obregón, and San Patricio. St. Patrick is the patron saint of San Patricio as in many other towns in Mexico. They all have a Saint Patrick's Day celebration but perhaps the biggest celebration is the Melaque, Jalisco, March 17 celebration.

Festivities begin about a week prior with the Fiesta del Torros which includes rodeo events, bullfights, carnival, parades, blessing of the fishing fleet, folk dances, boxing matches, and nightly fireworks.

In the photo at right, a man bringing up the rear of this parade has just ignited a 4' bottle rocket with his cigarette, a rocket which he was holding upright in his bare hand. These rockets were launched every couple of minutes, traveled high in the sky, and went off with a report like a shotgun.

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St. Patrick's Day parade seen from Restaurante Alcatraz.

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