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Rancho de las Hamacas
San Agustinillo, Oaxaca

Apartado Postal 51
Kilométro 7.4 Carretera Puerto Angel - Zipolite - Mazunte
San Augustinillo, Pochutla, Oaxaca
C.P. 70900
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Rancho de las Hamacas is located on the highway to Mazunte in between the villages of Zipolite and San Augustinillo. The ranch is located on the hillside to the east of the village of San Augustinillo near Hotel San Augustinillo. Further to the east is Hotel Cerro Largo.

Look for the sign on the side of the highway that reads: "Hamacas: Hechura y Reparación."

Rancho de las Hamacas is the home of a family of artisans who weave what are perhaps the most spectacularly beautiful and comfortable hammocks in all of Mexico. Hammocks are for sale in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Upon request, the artisans will custom weave hammocks in any size or combination of colors.

A restaurant, sitting atop a cliff above the beach, provides a magnificent view of San Augustinillo and Mazunte bays and the rugged Pacific coastline. The views of the sunsets are spectacular. A few visitors from around the world relax in their new hammocks, go down to the beach for a swim, or walk to the nearby fishing villages of San Augustinillo and Mazunte.

A few rustic cabañas crafted of traditional Mexican adobe with palm roofs are available for those who wish to stay for a while. The cabañas will appeal to those looking for an eco-tourism style of accommodation. The beds and hammocks are comfortable. While the cabañas are not luxurious, they are well suited for the budget-minded traveler.

Hammocks are available for rent and may be hung under a palapa (palm rain roof) with other guests. Private palapas and ramadas (palm sun roofs) and camping spaces are also available.

The atmosphere on the ranch is casual and friendly. The flavor of Rancho de las Hamacas is more Mexican than Gringo. The visitor to the ranch will encounter a friendly mix of people from around the world. The secluded beach in front of the ranch is clothing optional.

The ranch is about a 10- to 15-minute walk from the village of San Augustinillo and about a 25-minute walk from the villages of Mazunte. Zipolite is about a half an hour walk from the ranch. From Puerto Angel or Zipolite, ask the bus, taxi or camioneta driver to let you off at Rancho de las Hamacas.

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