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San Agustín

Playas of Oaxaca - Aerial Photos

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The photos on this page begin at the Río Coyula valley and continue to the east.

Bahía San Agustín

San Agustín can be accessed by road by taking the turnoff near the west end of the Huatulco Airport near the turnoff for Santa María Huatulco. From there it is about 7 miles by dirt road. The bay is very calm and good for swimming and snorkeling. The palapa restaurants are influenced by nearby Huatulco and are somewhat pricier than they would be otherwise. Tour boats from Huatulco visit the location.

approaching Bahía San Agustín

approaching Bahía San Agustín

Bahía San Agustín

beach on the east side of Bahía San Agustín

Isla San Agustín

Isla San Agustín, southern end

Playa Jicaral at left just east of San Agustín

Playa Jicaral east of San Agustín

Ensenada Riscalillo, the 2nd bay east of San Agustín

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