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Puerto Escondido to Tampico 2014, Page 7

San Vicente Coatlán,   Yogana,   San Agustín Amatengo,   Oaxaca

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Aerial Photos:
Puerto Escondido
New Highway Construction
Santa María Colotepec
San Bartalomé Loxicha
San Bartazar Loxicha
Santo Domingo Coatlán
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Two miles north of San Vicente Coatlán   16.43,-96.835   Google Maps



One mile south of San Agustín Amatengo   16.494,-96.794   Google Maps


49.4 nautical miles south of MXVAL Waypoint

Three miles east of Santa María Texcatitlán   17.705,-97.01   Google Maps

Teotitlán and a switchback road that leads to Santa María Teopoxco and San Francisco Huehuetlán

Approaching MXTEO waypoint 18.17,-97.08 in the Valley of Oaxaca near Teotitlán   Google Maps

MXVAL Waypoint 18.35,-97.16 in the Valley of Oaxaca near Tehuacán   Google Maps

MXORZ Waypoint 19,-97.14, just east of Pico de Orizaba   Google Maps

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