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automatic gates

Posted by Vamos 
automatic gates
April 13, 2012 09:40AM
Can anyone recommend a supplier/installer of automatic driveway gates and provide a phone number or email address for them? Not Puertos Automaticos from Puerto Escondido, who we already have experience with.
Re: automatic gates
June 15, 2012 03:58PM
We bought Chamberlain automatic door opener and my husband attached it to the gates that we had, this was back in Puerto Escondido about ten years ago. He had to reconfigure the opener from a regular garage door opener opening from the bottom and lifting to the top, to opening the iron gates from the middle and sliding to the side inward. He is not a rocket scientist, but I believe we had the first iron gates in Puerto that were automatic. You can get Chamberlain gates at Sams.
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