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banking in Pochutla

Posted by dumpling 
banking in Pochutla
December 05, 2010 08:58AM
Is there a Santander bank in Pochutla?
Re: banking in Pochutla
December 11, 2010 02:47PM
Re: banking in Pochutla -- and thanks to Gina!
December 15, 2010 09:58AM
Actually, there is no Santander in Pochutla. There is Banamex, Bancomer, Scotia Bank and HSBC. Sigh... There is a Santander in Huatulco.

Also we discovered, the day AFTER we made the trip to Huatulco, that there is an outpost of Santander in the Post Office in Puerto. We live in Puerto so we're hoping this will save us the trouble of driving to Huatulco.

We have Gina to thank for the info about the Santander in Puerto, only wish we had asked her first!

Re: banking in Pochutla -- and thanks to Gina!
December 16, 2010 01:38PM
I have never seen or looked for a Santader Bank in Pochutla, but when I googled it a Mexican newspaper article came up about robberies at several banks in Pochutla, including Santander.
2 ATMS in Puerto Angel!
Re: banking in Pochutla
November 13, 2011 06:23PM

What exactly is an "outpost from Santander at the Post Office"? and is it still there? What kind of transactions can one do? We have a Bank of America account and we know that we don't incurr in withdrawl charges if we use a Santander ATM.
appreciate any info.
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