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Best of Puerto Angel

Posted by tomzap 
Best of Puerto Angel
December 17, 2015 08:49PM
I would like to start a Best of Puerto Angel page. So I need input on what
is the best in Puerto Angel. This would be the best of various things such as:

Best Accommodation Value

Best Bar

Best Coffee

Best Breakfast

Best Mexico Restaurant

Best Hamburger

Best Steak

Best Taco Stand

Best Fishing Guide

Best Taxi Driver

Best Grocery

and you can add other categories. You can also add a "Worst Of" category
if appropriate. You can post your submissions here or email me.

Also, please include WHY you think your choices are the best or the worst.

Tom Penick "tomzap"

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Re: Best of Puerto Angel
December 20, 2015 05:24AM
Best grocery store is Siete Regiones.
Re: Best of Puerto Angel
December 22, 2015 05:19PM
Wow, I'll have to think about this...not much to choose from in Pto. Angel!

Oh, except the obvious best taco stand...Marey's!
Re: Best of Puerto Angel
December 28, 2015 11:55PM
I forgot to mention, I like to know why you think something is the best.

So why is Siete Regiones the best grocery store? Also where is it located?

And why is Marey's the best taco stand? And where it is located?

Thanks for your input.

Tom Penick "tomzap"
Re: Best of Puerto Angel
December 29, 2015 10:16AM
Siete Regiones is the closest thing to a supermarket since the Sedemar closed when the naval base downsized to nearly nothing. It's owned by the same family that has the Siete Regiones in Pochutla and the Siete Regiones resort near Colorado. The selection is fairly good; they accept credit cards. As for tacos, the choice is there, but I like to patronize Coral in Playa Panteon.

Siete Regiones is located on your right going towards Zipolite, just before the turn-off to Playa Panteon. The front is painted orange Parking is extremely limited; the parked cars normally limit the hiway to a single lane.

Marey is located below Hotel Soraya, in the cluster of food casetas.

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Re: Best of Puerto Angel
December 29, 2015 10:34AM
I hesitate to be overly self-serving, but if I am, Nancy will let me know and I'll move the post!

First, a disclaimer. We are doing major renovations at Tio Chilo, but until they are completed, only the dog-friendly need plan to dine in-house. We are also the House of the Fat Dogs, so if you object to several dogs with pleading, longing eyes gathered at the foot of your table, you should dine carry-out or call me for delivery.

COFFEE: No jar of Nescafe here! We have organic, mountain-grown beans from Xanika. Volume does not allow brewing every 20 minutes. We will probably have to brew a fresh pot. Beans are ground just before brewing.

ENTRE: Nearly every weekend, I slow-smoke chickens, a rack of ribs, a pork leg. To this point, I've yet to have enough business to pay for the meat I cook, but TEXAS-STYLE SMOKED MEAT is an obsession. I use Huisache, which is slightly milder than mesquite and burns cooler. The temp in the smoker is kept between 250-300 degrees F. Chickens take 5-6 hours; ribs and legs, 8-10. Any order over 250 pesos, I will deliver as far as Mazunte. Since what I cook is more than we can sell nor eat in a day or two, there is nearly always pork leg or ribs vacuum packed and stored in the freezer for sandwiches during the week.
I also do steaks with a 24 hour advanced warning and will make 1/4 kg hamburgers whenever the coals are hot.
Baked potatos or maccaroni salad are served as a side with cole slaw available.Iced tea, too.

For advanced orders or delivery, call 958-130-0183.


=http://www.tomzap.com/TioChilo.html]Tio Chilo Texas-Style Smoked

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Re: Best of Puerto Angel
December 30, 2015 10:56AM
Another typical day para Barbacoa Estilo Tejas de Tio Jhoin. Had a special order for three slow-smoked chickens with baked potatoes and sopa frio - and the customer failed to show up. Anyone want a special deal on slow-smoked chickens?
Re: Best of Puerto Angel
December 30, 2015 11:49AM
Best Meat: Carneceris Papaloapan in Huatulco delivers to Puerto Angel on Thursdays. This is where I get my "special order" steaks. Remember to specify "doble taman~o". Locally, the carniceria next to the market in Puerto Angel does decent "filete de lomo de rez" which is sliced to make filets. The bacon wrapping is from Siete Regiones. Their hamburger is good, as well. Order "carne molida con muy poco grasa". Bacon, ham, and cheese is best at Siete Regiones.

Coffee: Tio Chilo brings 10-20 kgs of roasted beans at a time from Xanika. We sell roasted beans by the kilo as well as ground.
Re: Best of Puerto Angel
January 20, 2016 08:30AM
Best of Puerto Angel - FUN!

Best Accommodation Value - Luxury value - Viewpoint at Puerto Angel by far. [mexicovacationrental.org]

Best Bar - ?? - The place by the main square maybe but have never been in it. Zipolite is where the action is.

Best Coffee - Chely from Mils Amore

Best Breakfast - Chely at Mils Amore Crepes. She leaned to make crepes from a lady from France who lived in the USA. Chely later moved back to Puerto Angel and put her own spin on the batter. They are fresh and tasty, savory and sweet. Chely ofter is invited up by Viewpoint at Puerto Angel owners on Sundays and makes crepes by the pool.

Best Steak - Finca De Vaqueros on the way to Pochutla. Great meet platters and fun atmosphere.

Best Fishing Guide - Chepe's guys are great from Cordellias. Also Alex 958.109.5510 is a great guide who speaks English, good with kids and an asset to bring on a boat or tour.

Best Taxi Driver - Eliel is the best. Speaks perfect English and if he cannot help you when you call he will broker another cab for you. 958.100.4143

Best Grocery - Super 7 going up the hill pas the bridge. Best selection. Also there are 3 produce markets that are on a side street just before the bridge that are the best in the area without having to head to Pochutla.

I have not lived out there for a few years but the most of that should still pertain.

Brent May
Re: Best of Puerto Angel
February 03, 2016 10:03PM
Marey's tacos are great, love the "waitresses", and we love the atmosphere. She's one hard working woman!
And you can order an Agua right there, they'll go accross the street to their Agua stand and bring it to you.
They have the BEST AGUAS in Puerto Angel!
Marey always puts an extra potato or two on my plate, 'cuz she knows I love them.

I don't know why I haven't tried Coral's (from Panteon?) tacos...she's my neice!! I'll have to get over there!

Our favorite boat/fishing guide is Coral's brother, Tonio.
He's over in Panteon, farthest palapa to the right, as you face the bay.

The Finca de los Vaquero's for meat, on the way to Pochutla.
That is, until we try Johnzap's mouth-watering sounding food!

We shop at the Super del Angel, up the street from the basketball court.
They sell whole coffee beans, pan dulce and WINE!
We do like Siete Regiones, and I guess it's better, but it's further away from us.

The public market is great for meat, chicken, fruits and vegetables.

Have not found, or searched for a good cup of coffee. We make it at home.
But now we know, next time we're in town, to go to Tio Chilo's.

We don't eat out much in Pto., but Cordelia's, in Panteon, probably has the more interesting menu.

Our favorite beach restaurant is Beto and Felipa's in Estacahuite, below our house.
(Which, by the way, since Johnzap plugged his place (!!) is a great rental value! Airbnb "Casa Sol a Sol")
They're located on the far left little beach as you face the bay, the first restaurant you come to.
Felipa's Camarones al Mojo de Ajo are the best!! And the fish can't get any fresher, caught the same day by Beto, or his son.

That's all for now....
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