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A La Frontera

Posted by johnzap 
A La Frontera
April 19, 2015 01:06PM
Until I can change migrante status, I've gotta hit la frontera every 180 days. Since I also have need of periodic medical visits, I headed back to Texas for this set of papers revisions. Left Pto Angel Thursday at 10:30. Despite a detour to Pluma Hidalgo to service the coffee adictions of a few Austin frientoped for the night in Acotzingo, just short of Puebla. 270MP first day tolls.
Day two, hit the road at 8:00. The fast day. Puebla; Arco Norte; Querretarro bypass; Hwy 57 cuota; SLP; Matehuala, where the thunderstorms caught me, encouraging an earl stop at a familiar motel. 2nd day tolls:580MP.
Third day, hit the road by 8:30; 57 through Saltillo, Monclova, then hit Piedras Negras about 4:30, thanks to three checkpoints and a buncha trucks at each. Banjercito closes in Piedras Negras at 4:00. Took a suggested regression to Allende, where I was told their office was 24 hours. But they couldn't cancel my car sticker. I was told the acuna office was 24 hour, but when I got to Hwy 2, I took a right instead, since I KNEW that the Laredo bridges had 24 hour sticker service. Crossed at Columbia, and headed up I35. Laredo, SA, Austin - and hit Georgetown before midnight. Hard day, but tolls were only 212MP for the day.
Headed the other way around the first of May, but the route will change and the duration increase dramatically.
No problems along the way for me nor Sadie dog.
Re: A La Frontera
April 19, 2015 01:33PM
Sounds grueling!
I used to do it with my 4 kids on board to and from California.
8-11 days before the freeways were built, driving only in daylight.
Memories, memories...
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