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Road destruction

Posted by johnzap 
Road destruction
October 26, 2014 02:38PM
from right outside my doorway to the street below the entrance to Hotel Soraya, the street level has been dropped a couple of feet and the dust is thick. This is a good two block stretch including the 90 degree bend by the muelle. I am told it will be built back with pavers like the current main street in Roca Blanca. Makes it hard to get to the Agencia Municipal and the Yamaha dealer...
Re: Road destruction
December 10, 2014 06:16PM
Spent the last couple of hous listening to the "...scrape, whoosh" of dirt being shoveled; the barrier is down and, at least temporarily, you can use Hwy 175 all the way through Puerto Angel on your way to Zipolite and beyond. Of course, it's still unpaved, but the detour on narrow, tope-rich back streets can be averted. For now.
Re: Road destruction
January 12, 2015 05:28PM
Construction once again causing a detour; Corona longnecks are still available at the Tio Chilo end for less than a buck, and we cn still swap legends and tall tales while you drink it.
open | download - DSCN1481.JPG (129.6 KB)
Re: Road destruction
February 26, 2015 09:01PM
Hi Johnzap,

Do you live in Puerto Angel?
So how's the road "destruction" coming along?
I'm hoping they use the same pavers as in Roca Blanca,
and not the horrid ugly black stuff they're using in San Agustinillo!!
If this is done fairly nicely, it'll be such an improvement!!!

I heard that they made the sidewalks too wide,
because they were going to put the puestos along the street, then changed their minds.
I'm wondering if they ripped those up again?

Keep me posted please!
Re: Road destruction
February 27, 2015 09:58PM
About 30 mtrs on one side; almost all the way to the Agencia Municipal on the other. Rightr now, the pavers are red as is the top of the ceter concrete strip. I'll post some pics tomorrow if I can figure which camera lets me attach here...

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Re: Road destruction
February 28, 2015 01:39PM
As promised, here's a few shots of the current construction progress
open | download - IMG_20150225_141857_589.jpg (1.17 MB)
open | download - IMG_20150225_141908_778.jpg (929.8 KB)
open | download - IMG_20150228_094857_765.jpg (1021.7 KB)
open | download - IMG_20150228_094935_033.jpg (1.02 MB)
open | download - IMG_20150228_094955_346.jpg (710.6 KB)
Re: Road destruction
February 28, 2015 01:45PM
This is going up in front of the Agencia Municipal.
open | download - IMG_20150228_094852_609.jpg (704.8 KB)
Re: Road destruction
March 02, 2015 01:22PM
Thanks so much for the photos! It's looking better than I imagined!
(I love the one with the dog peeing on the palm!)

What's that structure going to be for in front of the agencia?
Re: Road destruction
March 03, 2015 12:28AM
I'll let you know when I figure it out. I've heard several stories, and that's just from the guys working there.
Re: Road destruction
March 03, 2015 12:30AM
Mail time from Texas to Pto Angel has ranged from three weeks to three months so far.
Re: Road destruction
March 04, 2015 09:46PM
Yea, I sent an experimental letter a couple of years ago from Pto. to California...3 weeks.
Re: Road destruction
March 04, 2015 09:53PM
The road is actually fake "pavers". They pour 'crete; use a pattern sheet to make it look like pavers; then come back with a saw to cut it every couple of meters...
Re: Road destruction
March 05, 2015 09:31PM
Well, too bad. I was really hoping for something classy like Zipolite.
But, it's 1,000,000,000 times better than it was!!! So no more complaining from me!!
And hopefully no sewer water going down it in the rainy season!
It's how they made it out to Estacahuite.
Re: Road destruction
April 01, 2015 05:50PM
OK, the roadblocks are down; paving finished for now.
Re: Road destruction
April 06, 2015 08:25PM
Did it all get finished before Semana Santa? Or is there more to go? How's it look?
Re: Road destruction
April 07, 2015 12:22PM
The road looks good, Sola. The gap leading to Bungalos Monte Christo has been filled with fresh 'crete. The new food casetas between there and the Capatania have yet to be occupied. The gazebo looks finished, but has yet to host its first band; I am hopeful that Ticolichs will take care of that, soon. C'mon down and enjoy the changes!
Re: Road destruction
April 09, 2015 05:51PM
We're thinking of coming down, if family obligations allow for an escape! Dying to see it!
Re: Road destruction
April 10, 2015 05:30PM
You'll be welcome, Sol. I'll even give y'all a ride to a deserted beach!
Re: Road destruction
April 10, 2015 07:05PM
If there were a "like" button, I'd click on it!
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