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Posted by howza 
September 23, 2013 11:06PM
Want to know if the recent floods have affected PA much?
Re: Storms
October 22, 2013 07:25AM
hey how dead is it here.

if you want to see the beach in Puerto, it is usually about the same. the weather channel says guerrero is getting more rain.
Re: Storms
October 22, 2013 10:00PM
Back in March, the low spot by the old naval base was under reconstruction, which required a bit of a detour. Mazunte had an even bigger rebuild going on. Can't seem to get down more than once a year 'til that retirement train hits, so I couldn't tell you about current conditions. I do know that if a fire or storm hits Zipolite, most things are back up inside a month. Horrible repercussions for the locals, but not much effect on a traveler. The Euro-Rainbow clan was around in March, which always makes up for any inconveniences...
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