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healthy travel tips

Posted by alan vlautin 
healthy travel tips
December 09, 2009 02:08PM
Hello again, I am reposting this, as I do each year as the information remains valid and, if followed, may allow a more pleasant and healthy visit. While some are endowed with an iron constitution allowing them “to eat anything and never get sick” this is for those who may not be so blessed. On our last few trips to Mexico, the latest for three months a couple years ago, we enjoyed excellent health. Part of the reason for this, I believe is that a week prior to departing we took an acidophilus pill daily and continued to do so during our visit. The theory is that acidophilus is probiotic and develops healthy bacteria in your intestines, enabling one to resist the foreign bacteria one’s system is not used to. Along with normal precautions, its use enabled us to refrain from, not so enlightening conversations concerning the solidity of one's bowel movements. We also found charcoal capsules to be excellent relief for stomach or intestinal discomfort. The theory is that the charcoal filters out poisons. Once, in Puerto Escondido, my wife gave a couple to a young woman we had met who, one morning, had that look of "let me die now, lord", on her face and by late afternoon felt a rum and coke. would be "just fine now, thanks". A true testimonial! Anyway, these two items, acidophilius and charcoal capsules can be found at most health food stores. Hope this is helpful. Sending with our best wishes for your wonderful and safe time. Happy Holidays. In the past, others have kindly added other helpful suggestions for good health precautions. Please do so, again.
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