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Great downtown walking tour

Posted by alan vlautin 
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Great downtown walking tour
March 25, 2010 10:36AM
We were unable to take this tour during our first time in Oaxaca this year but it was high on the list on our return and we were certainly not disappointed. Linda Martin, the previously mentioned creator of the city and regional transportation map, conducts two hour walking tours of the downtown colonial churches. Advertised as for "the devout, the lapsed and the never-were", the tours are informative, engaging and well worth ones time and pesos. Linda's narration is full of interesting facts and personalities that greatly enhance ones understanding and appreciation for this fascinating city. The tours commence from the front of the Cathedral near the Zocalo on Tuesday and Saturday at 10am and last two hours. The cost is 100 pesos which Linda donates to Estancia, which provides services for families who travel to the city with sick family members and need housing, like the stateside Ronald McDonald charity. It is a win-win for all concerned and your opportunity to gain inside knowledge of Oaxaca and its past, as well as meeting a ten-year resident with a heart of gold.
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