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Bus Tepotzlan/Cuernavaca to Oaxaca ??

Posted by alan vlautin 
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Bus Tepotzlan/Cuernavaca to Oaxaca ??
January 20, 2010 10:49AM
Hello, we are currently enjoying sunny skies in Tepotzlan and next week wish to bus to Oaxaca. Conventional wisdom and all the information we could glean from the net seems to indicate that one should bus back to the southern DF station from Tepotzlan and then go to Oaxaca City from there. However, looking at the map, it seems that a more direct route would be to bus to Cuernavaca and then continue to Oaxaca via Cuautla and Izucar de Matamoros, but this itinerary does not show up on internet bus guides. Accordingly, if anyone has recent information regarding this route, we would greatly appreciate you sharing it with us. Thank you.
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