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Taibo/Kickboxing exercise classes

Posted by Coppertone30 
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Taibo/Kickboxing exercise classes
July 29, 2014 06:46PM
I am new to Oaxaca, and have been searching for a good exercise class, like Kickboxing. Does anyone know of a class that is ongoing? I went and checked out the fairly new Sport city, but a tad expensive for me. I have also seen the extreme sport club near the intersection of San Felipe and Reforma, but never seems to be any one working out there. I need a class, with other people to keep me motivated. All help would be appreciated. I am not really into going to a gym, as I have all my weights at home.
Also, I am looking for a tennis club for my 14 year old son. If anyone knows of one and has an address, Great!
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