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La Taza Negra
October 15, 2012 09:00PM
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Why pack you bags full of coffee from up North? Save room and get fantastic freshly roasted coffee at the beach!

We have moved to a new location in Villa Obregon, 3 blocks east of Ava's bar near the corner where the Tiangi's market intersects Vincente Guerrero.

All of our coffees are carefully sourced and come from quality farms that emphasize fair wages and environmental care and our baked goods are made in-house and fresh everyday. We look forward to seeing you this season!

Fresh roasted coffee
Home-made sweet and savory baked goods
Gourmet espresso bar
Free Wi-Fi

Whole bean or ground coffee is available now! The cafe and bakery will be open in mid November. Call or email for orders and visit us on Facebook at La Taza Negra.


Ben, Alexa, Ayden, & Willow Boyt
045 314 111 2888
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