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America has spoken
November 07, 2012 01:35PM
Congratulations to President Obama, the voters have spoken and re-elected the President.
Re: America has spoken
November 07, 2012 05:35PM
Americans seem to be bitterly divided between two different ideologies.
50.5-49.5 is hardly an overwhelming mandate.
I'm not liking where this is going.
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Re: America has spoken
November 08, 2012 06:35AM
I agree, however if you win a ballgame by a single run, or point, you still win, and that is what is important.
Re: America has spoken
November 08, 2012 09:54AM
Just because America is closely divided doesn't mean a compromise is impossible. The Democrats have been willing to cut spending, but the Republicans so far will not even consider increasing revenue. Unless and until they do, no compromise will be made, it can't all be done with spending cuts. But the far right of the Republican Party is in control and the party leaders may find their hands tied. If this happens, it will up to the American people to elect a Democratic congress in 2014 to get any meaningful change. We shall see.
Re: America has spoken
November 15, 2012 01:06PM
Does you really think that more government taking will solve anything?
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