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MONSANTO-good viewing

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MONSANTO-good viewing
June 16, 2012 11:12AM
Quite a number of forum members showed some interest in the past re: trying to grow corn like NOB. This documantary is extremley informative on YOU TUBE. You may type in "The world according to Monsanto" This film was made in conjunction with the Canadian Film board, in other words, Canadians financed it. It is lengthy, 1 hr, 49 minutes, but well worth it. So grab a few beer, some good cheese, 2 or 3 pickled eggs, sit back and enjoy!
Ya I know what's coming re: my choice of menu.
Re: MONSANTO-good viewing
July 13, 2012 04:48AM
Lab studies have shown that rats that eat genetically modified corn for three generations will lose all reproductive capacity. Look it up since I lready know you don't believe me. If you go to Monsanto's web site as a method for verifying this, please continue eating GM corn. Lots of it.

Malthusian Fabian socialists are in power at the central banking level. Malthusians are interested in zero or reduced population numbers, for greater political stability. It helps keep them in power. Again, you don't believe me because it's not on the central banker-controlled media and none of your relatively uneducated social network are revealing this information to you. You also emotionally trust the attacking comments that may come after this post. This is how you check your information, and it's pathetic. If this is your method, please continue eating the GM corn.

Fluoride in tapwater is more toxic than arsenic and slightly less toxic than lead. It is a neurotoxin that dumbs people down. They cannot conduct research and cannot think for themselves. This is intentional.

Aspartame sweetener turns into toxic wood alchohol in the bloodstream. It kills your brain and thinking capacity.

Thimeresol is a common preservative in vaccines. It is made of neurotoxic mercury. It kills your brain and thinking capacity. You become gullible and stupid, relying on cliche and popular emotionally-fueled buzzwords to conduct your research.

This list goes much deeper than this. Malthusians want you to be stupid and to have many health problems, so you are a dumb consumer who asks few questions and trusts the fabricated status quo. The legalization of the reduction of population and the dumbing down of the population is already here, and you are a victim of it.

Yes, continue eating the GM corn. Go and thrive on it.
Re: MONSANTO-good viewing
July 13, 2012 06:04AM
take your message to the off topic board
Re: MONSANTO-good viewing
July 13, 2012 06:53AM
Gee Jack. We've been eating genetically modified meat and drinking milk from genetically modified cows for centuries in this world. Is that why we're in so much trouble now?

Jack, your politics are not exactly what this forum or this thread are for.
Re: MONSANTO-good viewing
July 13, 2012 06:55AM

Who the **ll are the Malthusians?
Re: MONSANTO-good viewing
July 13, 2012 08:45AM
Geez Jack, if I was a rat and all we had was corn, corn , corn for 3 generations (!) I'd be so bored, I wouldn't be horney either. All the girls would likely smell like old Doritos. Let 'em test the rats on 3 generations of Scotch and see how they do !
Someone was wondering who those 'Malthusians' were, I think they live outside Toronto in 'Malton'.....work at the airport.? Have to check that.
As for that damned flouride, I'm 65 years old, and haven't lost a tooth yet, but those bastard dentists don't like it one bit. They keep telling me to stay away from the flouridated water too. Seems they ain't making any money off of me. I think you got that one right on, cause there are way too many starving dentists out there.
As for impairing my brain with Aspertame and flouride, I kinda like that at my age. I used to be damned clever, but as you say, I'm "dumbing down", so with that, my wife doesnt expect much from me anymore ("oh, he's just gettin' senile") Now she lets me sit around all day and drink rum & eat my corn chips. Noooo pressure as long as I avoid showing any signs of revived intelligence.
I think I may have OD'd on that vaccine preservative too...since I don't get the flu anymore. Better quit getting that flu shot (better to be sick than 'thinkin' damaged')
But you come across as a real sensible kinda guy, so I'm thinking (slowly) I'll maybe switch over from diet Coke and rum, to bourbon. Ooops, cant do that, since bourbon is made with that evil corn....gawd, I'm getting worn out with this thinking stuff.
At my age, I should likely stick to milk (uh-oh cows eat that damned corn don't they ?) Better go have a nap.
Re: MONSANTO-good viewing
July 13, 2012 08:48AM
Re: MONSANTO-good viewing
July 13, 2012 09:06AM
by "malthusian" he is probably referring to the scholar malthus. "malthusian" can have pejorative connotations meaning overly pessimistic.
i am under the impression that modified corn doesn't have enough genetic diversity and that mexican corn has many varieties giving resistance in ecological niches. also some modified corn can't be used as seed for next year's crop, the farmer must buy new seed each year. clever
Re: MONSANTO-good viewing
July 14, 2012 09:33AM
quote 'At my age, I should likely stick to milk (uh-oh cows eat that damned corn don't they ?) Better go have a nap'

don't give up Jack, milk can be quite uplifting and help you nap and maybe even fight that nasty Monsanto effect, provided you use any of the recipes in the link below

Re: MONSANTO-good viewing
July 30, 2012 09:20AM
I understand that Mexico has banned GMO's? Or at least not allowed Monsanto in? Sorry if this info has already been posted.

Now if only Mexico would ban the use of nasty herbicides and pesticides...actually... if only the world would! We are so programmed now to only have food on our table in "all" seasons that "looks" good. The nutritional content is all but lost !
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