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Million dollar baby born in Vancouver

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Million dollar baby born in Vancouver
March 29, 2012 11:00AM
Australian Rachel Evans, who is pregnant, goes into premature labour at Vancouver airport and gives birth at B.C. Women's Hospital.

She and her partner are charged a total of $707,000 for neo-natal care and $19,000 for the delivery, despite their medical insurance.

However, a pregnant woman on the last rusty ship, overloaded with illegal immigrants on their way to B.C., gave birth to her baby upon arrival.

The baby was automatically given Canadian citizenship and, of course, the mother will never have to repay one cent for the delivery and care of her child.

And, of course, they will also continue to receive every conceivable freebie available to those who enter Canada illegally, courtesy of the hard-working Canadian people.

If she and everyone else on that ship were able to pay smugglers to jump the queue into Canada, then why are they still supported by us, and not automatically kicked out of our country?

Well, because we Canadians are so caring. Or, a more appropriate label would be: the dumbest people in the world

Read more: [www.vancouversun.com]
Re: Million dollar baby born in Vancouver
March 29, 2012 11:40AM
and pray tell me what that has to do with mexico, the word police are getting very lax in their duties,,lets step it up a tad
Re: Million dollar baby born in Vancouver
March 29, 2012 12:01PM
I think this is a very topical post. I am glad that Mexico and Canada have a reciprical agreement on emergency medical care as I found myself short on cash and in bad need of medication just this week. It was a hassle, but I didn't have to wait three days, get an infection and need to lose my left hand and pile up a big bill at the Mexican taxpeayer's expense (I pay taxes in Mexico as do we all).

Likewise, if not treated for typhoid, I could have cause a local epidemic and the same theory applies to the free flu shot that I did not get.

As far as a country that wouldn't come to the assistance of a visitor in a medical emergency, Canada could take a lot of lessons from 'third world' 'developing' and 'emerging' nations where caring has no price.
Re: Million dollar baby born in Vancouver
March 29, 2012 02:50PM
Keeping it topical and reaching into a personal area I seldom go, I must suggest that the lady try Mexico. I think I am going to have back surgery in Colima in a very simple day-surgurey tequnique called "osteoplasty" in hopes to correct a major disaility of my back due to this lady's ailment and other factors.. I haven't quite made up my mind as my reseach on the proceedure is from, 'it will fix you instantly' to 'most patiients are no better off'. What there seems not to be is much risk of the side effects that this Canadian has had from more traditional surgery that i actually fear. Out of pocket expenses are less than $500. Dollars (the big ones professore zed).

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