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Between my scolding for insensitivity and others threatening to leave the area .... maybe another thread somewhat similar to what La Manzanilla has been talking about is needed. "What to do if burgled or how to avoid it"....sparks

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There ya go sparky ........... off topic

Yer sooooo off topic all the time I don't know why THEY put up with you. Did you ever find the Colima Volcano Cam or are you still on the wrong page. Gheesh

Your fixation with me should be embarrasing for you but I guess you haven't a bit of pride. If the Volley pools ever warm again you'll have to do without me 'cause I can stomach no more

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This was posted at YOUR request, Sparky.

What your suggestions for preventing theft/burglary at gunpoint?

as always, it is delightful to see your verbal sparring! LOL
RE "as always, it is delightful to see your verbal sparring! LOL"

Oh my, Evita

I thought you were still in Poland ......... wecome back.

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Good one Pedro! Sparky will probly go for that one!

yES sPARKY I fInAlLy GoT iT.

EWWWWWWWE, I forgot my sig


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