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Un-official W thread

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Un-official W thread
December 29, 2011 05:01AM
Since W finds it necessary to hijack every other thread to talk about himself or try to further his agenda I thought it would be great if we could keep it all on one thread.

Just like it is almost impossible not to slow down and rubberneck when there is an accident at the side of the road many can't help but watch this Melaque human train wreck decompose. So those that want to hit "hide msgs from this user" can just skip it and those that want to enjoy can just come here.

Personally I took a taxi the other day in Melaque and said to the driver, "I hear you have a crazy Canadian here in town" and the driver answered, "you mean Steve".

W, was wondering why you don't take advantage of Z's wager:


Zummie1954 Wrote:

> I will offer some predictions however and we can
> all see in time who is right;
> 1. Nothing at all will happen to your former
> landlords, and ; 2. You will either be found
> guilty of assault and destroying others property
> or you will agree to a plea bargain, and 3. Your
> visa will not be renewed and you will be forced to
> leave Mexico BUT, you will go kicking and
> screaming all the way back to Canada about how
> corrupt and unjust Mexico is.

Seems like a good deal with 3 to one odds in your favor. Z only wins IF all 3 things happien, ie 1. nothing happens to your landlords, 2. you are found guilty or plead out. AND 3. They kick you out of Mexico.

Personally, I think Z hit the nail on the head with this prediction.
Re: Un-official W thread
December 29, 2011 07:01AM
Another total clairvoyant. Mmm, where did you guys get the legal files to make such predicitons?

Do you know of others who were beaten, robbed of all belongings (twice) and then screwed by the court based on no evidence? I suggest that ANY friend of Leroy or Zummie would have long since run like hell at the depravation of the perceived unfair system.

I chose to stay and face my problems like an honorable person would and am laughed at for that. My expectations of both conviction and expulsion are very low on my priority list. Right now, I'd like my household items and clothing as well as bank card and passport.

I'll let you know pronto, each time the 'fat lady signs' (or doesn't) but I expect the process to take 4 to 6 years, so don't hold your breath.

As far as the opinion of most here, please remember that I have lived in pain, with no money, no medications and indecent bedding (for my very bad back) but live I do and there is nothing that you can do about that.
Re: Un-official W thread
December 29, 2011 11:17AM
Wow Leroy, how about you tell us how you REALLY feel?

Re: Un-official W thread
December 29, 2011 12:29PM
What this site really needs is more civility and less 'old boys club' styled bullying
Re: Un-official W thread
December 29, 2011 02:51PM
my guess as to how he really feels is that the forum is often a chat room and that perhaps W needs his meds and that there is a lot of bickering and sarcasm even with good info. there is a mexican proverb "a donkey (euphemism) likes to hear his own bray" so we have posts just for the sake of posting, ah, daily.
Re: Un-official W thread
December 31, 2011 02:15PM
so did take the bet or wimp out ???????
Re: Un-official W thread
December 31, 2011 03:52PM
If you could re-phrase that into Englsh maybe I could understand your message??
Did who take the bet??
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