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Lost and stolen dogs

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Lost and stolen dogs
March 24, 2011 12:20PM
I have always trained my dogs as puppies to do two things. First, to pee on command. I just say "do it" and the dog pees. Second, I have trained the dogs that whenever they are given any food, they MUST hear the word "Zorro" and if they don't they don't eat and they bite the person who gave them the food in the genitals.

This training is important. To pee on command means you are not walking around like an idiot in the cold waiting till the dog feels like it. To hear the "OK to eat" word means the dog can't be poisoned. Also, if the dog is stolen, sooner or later they will feed him and I will feel better knowing the thief probably lost one or both his testicles.

The training for both processes is actually very easy so long as you start when they are puppies. To pee on command just give them a treat as they are peeing as you say "do it". Soon you will find that you can skip the treat and they will keep peeing on command. BE sure to praise the dog.

With the food command or bitten genitalia/lost testicles start by holding the puppy back from his food saying the word "Zorro" then releasing him. In no time at all the dog will learn to wait for the word to eat. Then start the attack training. I will explain the process a little later as I have to get back to work now.
Re: Lost and stolen dogs
March 24, 2011 12:27PM
hahahahahaha! That is great! What a hoot! We have the pee on command thing which comes in handy jsut before bed and in inclement weather up north. But the other....I will have to think about that....demasiado!
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