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Idle Musings from the Far Side...

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Idle Musings from the Far Side...
June 22, 2023 11:24PM
Gary Larson aside ... [www.thefarside.com] todays selection is quite good..

Here are a few tidbits of useful information:

Kaspersky [www.kaspersky.com]

What th...why this? A Russian based company no less and in the poisoned geopolitical climate of the day...it's a legit company with their servers in Switzerland... been around for a very long time.

Why? For me because it's the best hands down... it misses NOTHING, and this company has no incentive, nor can they be ordered to miss anything.. I had two trojans on my old computer, one that takes it over. Bitdefender supposedly claiming to be the best, missed or skipped over two virus signatures so it is not the best, Norton.. junk, Windows built in scanner... useless. Kaspersky nailed em..And it's free for the basic scanner...much like the others.

The next two are kinda fun...

Turo: [turo.com] This is sorta like the Air B&B of the car rental business... bypassing the $$ Hertz or Avis with their exorbitant rates. You 'rent' a car from individual owners through this site... poke around and see what comes up... wannna try a Tesla EV? Someone has one for rent... cool site. Very active in Canada too..even small towns

Skiplagged: [skiplagged.com] This is a site the airlines dislike. Flights with stopovers are often far cheaper than trips to a final destination so what you do is get off at the stopover which happens to be your real destination, and the plane continues onward without you. This site helps you tailor these kinds of trips. It also shows all trips through to your final destination...Interesting to poke through this...

September 10... AirCanada YYC to PVR $250 non stop... if you travel VERY light. Prices do change all the time though....
Re: Idle Musings from the Far Side...
June 22, 2023 11:53PM
I see Aeromexico has one way YVR to ZLO for $275.00 CAD. All summer and into the fall. And even cheaper on the return flight in the spring!

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