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Remember When.....
April 06, 2022 10:25AM
.... you could rent a car in Canada for $15 a weekend? We had such illustrious brands as Thrifty, Budget and Rent-a-Wreck... well nothing is budget now....

Thinking of returning home to visit family and flying back, I looked into renting a car for a week at the Victoria Airport.... the cheapest vehicle, a Chevy Spark is an eye watering CA $850 a week plus gas and tax. A Dodge Caravan, really a budget van, nothing fancy, is over $3200 a week... plus tax and gas.

.... I guess I'm driving back.
Re: Remember When.....
April 06, 2022 12:04PM
The $15 a weekend thing was pretty much a myth. Pickup late Friday or Saturday AM and return by Sunday PM was how those cheap rates worked for the most part but that was long long ago.

Victoria is a tourist destination and weekends are now a part of that business model. If you are looking at summer time, rates will be large. Minivan prices are up due to some folks renting those to avoid pricey hotel rates...yes they sleep in their rental vehicle. Maybe reconsider your travel dates to avoid summer price increases.

Much has changed post Covid. No business travelers meant the agencies sold off all their cars and now are having a hard time rebuilding fleets due to chip related vehicle shortages. It's world wide. Supply and demand. Prices for rentals in Mexico are way up too.

Perhaps reconsider your travel dates? Flying north from ZLO in late October or early November with Westjet can present some cheap fares and then return south into PV.

I find [autos.westjet.com] to be consistently the best search engine and there are perks associated with their CC.

I'd have a look at or call some of the local outfits like Didi or Island Rent a Car. Uhaul pickup trucks and cargo vans can still be had at great rates if you avoid months end and 1st day of the month when people are moving.
Re: Remember When.....
May 20, 2023 07:00AM
Try on the site Turo. Much cheaper than the companies. Weekly discounts available.
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