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Return to Canada?

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Return to Canada?
February 26, 2022 05:21PM
Has the protest conflict over the Emergency Act limited
safe return to Canada?
Re: Return to Canada?
February 26, 2022 06:24PM
"Has the protest conflict over the Emergency Act limited safe return to Canada?"

... there was no protest over the Emergency Act, the Emergency Act was activated because of the protest.... that has been rescinded.. so unless you own or maybe owned a semi that was parked on Parliament Hill over the past month or so, you'll probably pass the greasy eyeball of Canada Customs and Immigration at the border without a problem. Remember you'll still need an antigen test done.. check the ArriveCan website for the latest of the ever changing rules before you go..
Re: Return to Canada?
February 27, 2022 02:03PM
Reports are now saying, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has rolled back the emergencies act invoked during trucker-led COVID-19 protests in Canada. He said the "threat continues" but is not "acute".

This rally against pandemic restrictions has seriously threatened a nations safety and security.

This has been reported as the largest police operation in Canadian history where police
have frozen personal and corporate bank accounts and had to deal with blockades at border crossings.
There is even opposition discussion about martial law.

Some of the US-CANADA borders have been shut down as part of the rebellion
against COVID-19 mandates by thousands of protesters even affecting road blockages
from California to Washington D.C..

This should not be dirt swept under the rug and will probably be thrown out of Tom Zap.

However, be aware of how to live your life under these types of conditions and stay safe.


Re: Return to Canada?
February 27, 2022 07:27PM
This political thread should be erased.

No politics.
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