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Mobile Phone Repairs
August 08, 2021 04:56PM

Can anybody please recommend a good mobile phone repair person ?

Re: Mobile Phone Repairs
August 08, 2021 06:17PM
I would try
1. Cellway, Av Hidalgo/1a Oriente, diagonally across from the upper end of Chedraui
2. going up Av Oaxaca, left turn on 8a Norte, left side, maybe 6? tiendas past the corner, black or dark upper sign
Re: Mobile Phone Repairs
August 09, 2021 03:11PM
Re: Mobile Phone Repairs
August 11, 2021 01:22PM
I love a laugh as much as anybody but xi is definitely not a laughing matter :(


It amazes me in todays' modern world how people can be unaware of how evil this dictator is and his endless list of crimes.

I guess people get their " news " from f...book and other " legitimate " sources and they don't actually hear about what goes on in the real world !

Spratly Islands = Ignores international court ruling ( western leaders do NOTHING )

Any nation that tries to sail through these INTERNATIONAL waters are harassed / he sent 2 warships into Sydney Harbour following an Australian naval vessel because it DARED to sail through these international waters !!!!



Falun Gong

Syria ( he and his mate putin vetoeing UN resolutions )

Supporting North Korea


Hong Kong ( whilst the world is preoccupied dealing with a virus he created )

Murder of ????? millions of his opponents and others not toeing his line

Imprisonment of foreigners without charge or access to diplomats

Changes law to enable him to remain dictator for life = see his mate putin !!!!

Cyber property theft

Intellectual data theft

Spying on countless countries / his disciples are tracked and punished for not reporting back on chinese nationals not adhering to his mantra
BS Infrastructure " loans " which enable him to take ownership of said infrastructure when the impoverished nation defaults on his loan !!!!

The list of his crimes is ENDLESS and he is only just getting started

It most definitely isn't funny and your kids / future generations will be the ones paying the price when this despot reaches his goal

All due to western leaders failure to act when he first came to dictatorship = " line in the sand " obama, merkel, hollande & blair !!!!!!!
Re: Mobile Phone Repairs
August 11, 2021 06:21PM
Watch out for those Chinese made cell phones. Dictator xi may have bugs put in to monitor your every move or designed the phones to secretly send out brain altering signals. Sorry, can't resist!
Re: Mobile Phone Repairs
August 11, 2021 07:03PM
Happy bite

Did the moderator remove your original note that you have now repeated ??

Did you not read the link I posted alluding to what you joked about as being a fact ???

Surely if you read my latest information you would not repost your original comment ????

I sincerely hope not for your sake !
Re: Mobile Phone Repairs
August 11, 2021 07:07PM

Too funny..... But once again happy bite, “If it doesn’t make you laugh, then it isn’t true”!! – Lenny Bruce

And hey, change the name "Xi" in your statement to the CCP, and you’re undoubtedly getting closer to a direct Bulls Eye. Thus, as only just some mere preliminary hors d'oeuvres, then take a byte of these:

Huawei would be forced to hand over 5G data to the Chinese government: [www.cnbc.com] ***[www.youtube.com]

Chinese military hacking indictments by U.S. AG Barr vid: [www.washingtonexaminer.com] Plus related: [www.forbes.com] *Plus India, amidst geo-tensions: [www.youtube.com] **Even Microsoft itself, effecting 250K+ servers: [www.youtube.com]

TikTok Sued for Harvesting and sending user data to China: [www.bbc.com]

26 Android Phone Models Shipped with Pre-Installed Spyware. No user op-outs: [thehackernews.com]

Xiaomi Secretly Sending User Data to Chinese Servers: [gadgets.ndtv.com]

ZOOM Encryption Contains A Chinese Backdoor And Uses Data Mining: [www.securitynewspaper.com]

Apple to Scan Every Device for Child Abuse Content, Experts Fear for Privacy [from Chinese-made devices]: [cyberfishnews.com]

Etc., etc., etc. (etc., etc., etc.)

Sooooooo, just for fun, put on a BIG pot of our lovely regional Pluma Hidalgo coffee, kick back, and just further Google Away regarding such far-from ‘conspiratorial’ current Real Time based geopolitics….

Albeit, preferably on what is "purported" to be a bit more secure home laptop, versus now a (very, very) Smart Phone!! :-)

As you know, no worries Pacifico, since “the squad” has long ago been FAR eclipsed by The Quad: [eurasiantimes.com] And where the CCP / PLA’s ever-widening, unprovoked aggression towards neighboring countries, and primarily Western economies via its publicly announced Wolf-Warrior Diplomacy centered in its outspoken “four confidences”, has actually now given unintentional birth to Quintuplets!!! [edition.cnn.com]

And there’s even increasingly Very Good News well beyond America’s new data-protective, multilateral Space Force, that Elon Musk’s Starlink may one day prove capable of breaking China’s Great Firewall…. of information censorship.
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