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hows Trump doing
June 28, 2020 06:55PM
Re: hows Trump doing
June 28, 2020 08:13PM
do you vote in the u.s. if not

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Re: hows Trump doing
June 28, 2020 08:31PM
Looks like he is doing great. As of today the states has the highest number of COVID deaths anywhere in the world.i guess when you ignore medical and scientific advice that is what happens. Glad to see politicians going against him now.
Re: hows Trump doing
June 29, 2020 11:04AM
Re: hows Trump doing
June 29, 2020 11:07AM
about 95% of posters ragging on trump arent even u.s. citizens, should take care of their own disgusting p.m. imop
Re: hows Trump doing
June 29, 2020 05:25PM
Ali can say is check the Numbers people.. no more to be said.
Re: hows Trump doing
July 08, 2020 10:18AM
The same pollsters were checking the numbers in 2016 and look what happened.
Re: hows Trump doing
July 09, 2020 11:33AM
Not sure why being a US citizen is a requirement to criticize the fat ass clown. US presidents have often been called "leader of the free world". No one wants to follow a buffoon and a grifter. I, however, am a US citizen and I am embarrassed and appalled by the spiteful dolt's penchant for turning everything into excrement. It will take decades to repair the damage he has done to the country I love. Only a Fox Watcher could be poorly informed enough to vote for the sociopath.
Re: hows Trump doing
July 14, 2020 12:17PM
Crunch the numbers and Trump doesn't fit into the equation. Pelosi and crew is another story.

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