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Quebec,on pense à vous,we are with you

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Quebec,on pense à vous,we are with you
January 30, 2017 09:12AM
Toutes nos pensées ce matin sont avec les familles des victimes de la terrible tragédie qui est survenue hier soir dans ma belle ville de quebec,
On pense à vous et on vous aimes,toute nos condoléances aux familles des victimes!
All our condoléances and support to our friends and family in quebec city this morning,its a terrible tragedy and it is so sad that thing like that
Happens in our Wonderfull city of quebec!we love you Quebec.
Re: Quebec,on pense à vous,we are with you
January 31, 2017 08:28AM
I also extend my condolences to the family and friends of those who died while praying in their house of worship.
Another home-grown terrorist strikes again. This time in our country. Another extreme right-wing activist.
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