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And he's off
November 09, 2016 05:35PM
Trump has already said he's getting rid of Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. Wow! Last I looked Mr. Ryan was elected by the people in his district to represent them in congress. Last I looked Mr. Ryan was elected by the house of Representatives to be speaker of the house. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure dictator elect Trump can't remove Mr. Ryan from either of those things. Looks like Il Duce Trump is out for a little payback.
Re: And he's off
November 09, 2016 05:50PM
Members of the House of Representatives vote on who becomes speaker, Trump cannot get rid of him, and where did he ever say he was getting rid of him?
Re: And he's off
November 11, 2016 07:42AM
Oh, did I do a Trumpism? Maybe someone should fact check me so I can double down on this Ryan thing. Trump says "Paul Ryan is done as Speaker of the house, he is so done, so done." What's good for the goose......
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